Housing Inspections and Compliance

From HMO Licensing to Temporary Accommodation our Technical Application Solution Improves the Quality and Safety of Local Authority Housing for Homeless Households.

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The Housing Inspections and Compliance Solution is a leading example of how a technical product can support a service to improve the quality of housing within a Local Authority. The solution focuses on the safety, security, and condition of temporary accommodation, and has improved the management and coordination of the temporary accommodation sector.

The solution has also delivered key benefits for Local Authorities, such as reducing the cost and time of inspecting temporary accommodation, increasing the availability and choice of temporary accommodation, and ensuring that all homeless households in their area are receiving the standard of accommodation that they deserve.

Case Management

A centralised database of all Temporary Accommodation properties, with information on their quality, availability, location, and price.

Inspection Officers

A standardised inspection framework and checklist, with a mobile app for inspection officers to conduct and record inspections.

Placement Teams

A dashboard for Placement Officers to review temporary accommodation, with filters and ratings to help them find the most suitable properties based.

Housing Directors

A dashboard for senior managers to monitor and evaluate the performance and impact of the programme, with indicators and reports to help them identify issues and opportunities.

Housing Providers

A communication channel for providers to receive and respond to inspection results, feedback, and requests from Local Authorities.

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