From residential properties to garages, meeting rooms, and inspection teams, our versatile solution revolutionises the way you coordinate, track, and log day-to-day activities.

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The Rapid Estate management solution is a powerful tool that connects your Housing Management System, CRM, Task Management System, and Document Management System, creating a seamless flow of information across your organization. With this solution, you can:

Conduct on-site inspections with ease using the convenient mobile app

With the Rapid Estate management solution, you can score the condition of your sites with detailed criteria that cover various aspects of quality and safety. You can also use any number of single-task forms for different purposes, such as reporting issues, requesting repairs, or providing feedback.

Moreover, you can capture observations and document them with photos that can be attached to the forms or stored in the cloud. Furthermore, you can automate remedy commissioning for swift action, by setting up triggers and workflows that assign tasks to the relevant parties and track their progress.

Manage your back office efficiently with the management system and performance dashboard

With the Rapid Estate management solution, you can access a comprehensive historical database of estate information that stores all the relevant data from your previous inspections, reports, and actions. You can also automate monitoring of completed actions, by setting up alerts and notifications that inform you of the status and outcome of each task. Moreover, you can obtain a real-time view of issues, actions, and KPIs, by using the interactive dashboard that displays the latest data and trends.

Furthermore, you can gain insights for predictive maintenance, by using the advanced analytics that identify potential problems and suggest optimal solutions.

Generate standardised written reports with ease using the automatic report generator

With the Rapid Estate management solution, you can generate reports that justify shared costs, by using the automatic report generator that calculates the expenses and allocates them to the appropriate parties. You can also communicate clearly with residents, ensuring transparency and understanding, by using standardised reporting that explain the rationale and benefits of the shared costs.

The Rapid Estate management solution offers standard out-of-the-box elements that can be used as-is or customised to fit your specific requirements. With this integrated solution, you can revolutionise your estate management practices and overcome the challenges posed by fragmented systems.

Product overview

Service Basic Advanced Premium
Number of Users Internal = 20
External = 200*
Internal = 50
External = 500*
Internal = 80
External = 800*
Development Time No time allocated. Additional charges apply at day-rate. Six days allocated per annum. Additional charges apply at day-rate. 12 days allocated per annum. Additional charges apply at day-rate.
User-Support SME support through LA Contact Dedicated portal access Dedicated portal access
Rapid Instance
Rapid Server (Hosting)
System Back‐Up
Rapid Branding
Personalised Branding
Basic Reporting (Rapid dashboards)
Basic Reporting (with options to customise dashboards)
Reporting ‐ Integration (Power BI)
Data Capture
Third Party Data Capture via secure link
Capture Photos
Active Directory ‐ Security/Passwords
Single-Sign On
Bug Fixing
Security Management & Updates
Account Management
Property search
Map property search
Manage workflow
View property details
Raise/Manage actions
Generate Inspections Report
Complete Management Inspection
Health & Safety
Grounds maintenance
Community assets
Allotments, garages & sheds
Grounds Maintenance
Tree Maintenance
Cleaning Standards
Pest Control
Communal access request
Request letter drop
Fly tipping
Meter reading
Housing Operations Info
Repairs History
View Tenant Information
Raise Repairs HMS
Index Documents with IDMS
Raise issues on CRM
Forecasting of repairs and issues
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