Data Integration and Transformation

Unlock the potential of your Local Government operations with our Rapid Platform, designed to revolutionize data integration and transformation. Our solutions, tailored for Education, Welfare, and Housing sectors, bring forth the magic of efficient collaboration and support.

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Discover the magic of Data Transformation with the Rapid Platform. Our solutions span across Education, Welfare and Housing, creating a smooth and seamless flow of data in Local Government. Our comprehensive platform enables Educational Institutions, Welfare Professionals, Housing Officers, and Council Tenants to work together efficiently, collaboratively, and supportively.

With our solution, you can unleash the potential of data to enhance your education, welfare, and housing services.

Education and Welfare

Rapid Education and Welfare connects the Welfare Rights Referral Data with other vital functions within a Local Authority. Whether you need child services coordination, school placement appeals, schools finance, or welfare rights referrals, our integrated platform makes your workflows easier and removes the need for multiple systems. This connection ensures data reliability, fosters teamwork, and boosts operational performance.

Social Housing

With Rapid Housing, you can connect the dots between price and quality for Social Housing across more than 30 Local Authorities. It gathers and cleans up pricing placement data from various sources and integrates them based on complex criteria such as Post Code, Local Authority, cost at placement, and Broad Rental Market Rate. You can then see the big picture of how compliant your Social Housing Market is and zoom in to compare cost versus quality by postcode and more.

We care about your ease of use and data protection. With a user-friendly interface, you can explore and access the information you need with no hassle. We also safeguard your sensitive tenant and financial data with rigorous security measures, ensuring you comply with industry standards.

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