Rapid manifesto

We believe that great technology doesn’t have to take years to implement, or have to cost millions of pounds. We believe that there is a better alternative to traditional waterfall software development.

Rapid manifesto
Photo by Marília Castelli / Unsplash

Rapid Information Systems/Software/Rapid manifesto

The following are some of the principles we follow at Rapid. They guide how we make our tools, create solutions, and work with our customers.

  • Amazing software does not need to be expensive.
  • Customers own their software and should be allowed to change it.
  • Always make it open.
  • Always be honest.
  • Collaborate.
  • Promote sharing and re-use.
  • Create for flexibility.
  • If you’re doing it often, make it happen automatically.
  • Make it nice to look at.
  • Make it easy for anyone to use.
  • Give intermediate users the facility to challenge themselves.
  • Allow experts to change anything.
  • Test regularly.
  • Deliver quickly, and frequently.
  • Fix even faster.
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