Popular uses for Rapid

Rapid transforms your projects: responsive web apps, mobile solutions for caretakers and surveys, dynamic forms and workflows, and IoT management with user security and performance dashboards.

Popular uses for Rapid
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Rapid Information Systems/Software/Popular uses for Rapid

Responsive web-based applications

Create your own applications or add joined-up real-time integration to multiple legacy systems with attractive modern user interfaces.

Mobile applications

Create offline mobile applications with hardware integration. For example caretakers, property surveys, HMO, supported accommodation visits with picture upload, QR scanning, and turn-by-turn navigation

Forms, casework, and workflow

Create powerful and flexible forms with casework and workflow. For example, online housing applications with full change of circumstances.

IoT management systems

Create a management system for your IoT solution. For example add user security, and performance dashboards, to your smart devices.

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