Our first user group meeting

We're excited about connecting people through our upcoming user group meeting. Rapid has grown enough to bring customers together, promoting independent sharing and collaboration. Your feedback is invaluable, and you might leave as excited about Rapid as we are!

Our first user group meeting
Photo by Dylan Gillis / Unsplash

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Those that know me know I’m easily excitable. Not about everything, but certainly when things start connecting. Usually I get excited about how technology can connect things and make them easier, faster, cheaper, and more open. But what’s got me more excited recently is connecting people.

This latest excitement is about our upcoming user group meeting on 23 August 2018. It’s our first one. Over the last year Rapid has grown to the extent that there’re enough customers to fill a fair-sized room.

Rapid has always promoted sharing and collaboration, and this has happened in pockets. Usually directly through us. I’m really looking forward to bringing our customers together and connecting them. I’m hoping this kick-starts the sharing and collaboration of Rapid apps and expertise completely independently of us.

So if you’re coming along please bare with me through the nerves, and possible imperfection, that running an event for this for the first time may produce.

We really welcome your feedback and contributions and wouldn’t be anything without without you.

And who knows? You might leave almost as excited about Rapid as me!

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